Handarbeit Hartharzstift 18 Karat vergoldet

Handarbeit Hartharzstift 18 Karat vergoldet
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Fountain pen made in Aosta Valley, Italy - handmade of prestigious black hard resin with gold 18... mehr
Produktinformationen "Handarbeit Hartharzstift 18 Karat vergoldet"

Fountain pen made in Aosta Valley, Italy - handmade of prestigious black hard resin with gold 18 kt plated trimming parts and precious masonic engraving make this fountain pen a very special writing instrument that symbolizes the story of Masonry and Masons.
The emblem of Square and Compasses (or, more correctly, a square and a set of compasses joined together), the single and most identifiable symbol of Freemasonry, is hand-engraved by our skillful artisans and fulfilled wilth coloured resin that with its mysterious letter G stands out against the black background of the elegant pen body.
The fountain pen is proudly made in Italy - it is light and grants pleasant writing.
Our fountain pens are updated with double-use refilling system - both converter and cartridges can be applied. The pen is delivered with pumping converter inside and a set of 6 cartridges with black ink for gift that further can be purchased in stationary shops all over the world.
The pen has gold plated Medium size nib by Bock company, Germany, world famouse leaders in making brand nibs of high quality. Other (Fine, Extra Fine, Broad and very Broad) nib sizes are available on request without any additional charge (no griffins engraved).
You can oder the pen in roller version and/or with silver plated fitting parts instead of gold 18 kt plated. The pe can also be engraved with a name by request (additional charges are required, approx. 10 days production time).
We ship the fountain pen encased in a made-in-Italy pen gift box with the authentic origin certificate. Lifelong technical assistance is guaranteed.
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